Flowers and arrangements not in permanent vases or pots will be removed at various times of the year.  If you want to keep yours, the City asks that you remove your flowers or arrangements not in vases or pots.   This helps keep the cemetery clean and removes excessive material which can litter the cemetery.  Specific dates will be posted a few weeks before the next cleanup. 


To purchase a lot, you will need to come into the city office at 14130 Lancashire or call  402-786-2312. Plots or burial spaces cost $1000 per Resolution Number 20-14.  The setting of markers fee is $80.  There is no interment fee.  The cemetery is open from dusk until dawn. To read more about the city, review Chapter 8, 8-401 through 8-424, of the municipal code, or read the cemetery rules and regulations.    Click this link for a Rose Hill Cemetery Map.

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NAMESection-Plot #BirthDeath
Adams, Alvin E1-05818901974
Adams, Emergy W1-05819051976
Adams, Esther B1-05818921988
Adams, Mabel E1-05819021999
Alfbum, A1-168
Allen, Alanson1-114
Allen, Albert F1-11118911964
Allen, Alfred T1-09618661941
Allen, C. Earl1-11119131937
Allen, Clara E1-11418831905
Allen, Clarence1-11119141994
Allen, Edward1-11118801970
Allen, Ella1-11118871950
Allen, Etta S1-11119011968
Allen, Floyd R1-17619061960
Allen, Frank1-11418761966
Allen, Georgia1-11418781975
Allen, Grace E1-11119221937
Allen, Hazel1-15519021903
Allen, Jess D1-11418781962
Allen, Martha E1-11318511936
Allen, Martha E1-11418511936
Allen, Nellie1-09618651930
Allen, Sylvester A1-11418701956
Allpress, Wm.1-13518441934
Anderson, (Mother?)1-165
Anderson, A. Alof1-15118901912
Anderson, A. Clifford1-209
Anderson, Albert P1-21018761961
Anderson, Alfred A1-02718811958
Anderson, Alice1-20219431943
Anderson, Anna L1-15118661951
Anderson, Annie M1-0271880
Anderson, Arlouine1-2091996
Anderson, C. P.1-15118541918
Anderson, Carl J1-15118861966
Anderson, Carl M1-02218921899
Anderson, Clos E1-02718851905
Anderson, Dorothy1-2021941
Anderson, Elmer1-151
Anderson, Esther M2-11419021968
Anderson, Esther M1-15118981993
Anderson, Ferdinand O E1-02218981915
Anderson, Harry W2-11419001981
Anderson, Holly1-16518961896
Anderson, John J1-16518591904
Anderson, Louise C1-02718771962
Anderson, Mary C1-21018731962
Anderson, Mathilda "Tillie"1-18818561936
Anderson, Mathilda C1-18818861917
Anderson, Otto E1-0271890
Anderson, Paul1-16519981898
Anderson, S. F.1-15718541911
Anderson, William A1-02718771911
Anderton, Benjamin1-00318851902
Anderton, Edgar1-00318811968
Anderton, George1-00318491903
Anderton, James1-00318101894
Anderton, Minnie M1-00318831971
Anderton, Vernon1-00319061910
Antoine, Charles L1-13719011902
Appuhn, Hetty Belle1-12518761965
Appuhn, John F1-12518361909
Appuhn, Susan1-12518411923
Arkfeld, Connie S2-0191948
Arkfeld, Cory D2-01919781994
Arkfeld, Daniel R2-01919471998
Ashton, Janet1-10519521984
Atkinson, Catherine1-05518441883
Atkinson, Jasper1-05518401904
Atkinson, Jephthan1-04018471882
Auchmuty, Clarence L1-05918801902
Auchmuty, Huber H1-05918771902
Auchmuty, Martha1-05918861928
Auchmuty, Peter E1-05918511934
Auchmuty, Sarah C1-05918531945
Auchmuty, Wilhelmina1-05918821906
Auchmuty, William E1-0591882
Axberg, (?)2-126
Axberg, Hildur2-12619011987
Axberg, Pete2-12618991995
Axberg, Wallace2-12619271979
Baer, Robert B2-03019291997
Bagg, Ernest1-28019091979
Bagg, Esther L1-28019132002
Bainbridge, Anne1-05118461921
Bainbridge, Arthur1-05118811882
Bainbridge, George1-10918401930
Bainbridge, Ivan1-05119251998
Bainbridge, Jennie1-05118831929
Bainbridge, Mary1-10918421920
Bainbridge, Matthew1-05118471929
Bainbridge, Nellie1-05118771931
Bainbridge, Olive1-05118771958
Bainbridge, Wilford1-05118751958
Baker, Art C1-13018921970
Baker, Mae1-13019031982
Balis, H. C.1-19718321910
Balis, H. Clay1-19718591942
Balis, Hattie A1-19718601950
Balis, Margaret K1-19718321908
Ballis, Clarence1-08818871887
Ballis, George S1-08818611941
Ballis, Laura1-0881868
Bard, Leah May1-08818961960
Bard, Reuben1-08818891977
Barnett, Harold J1-08519001980
Barnett, Mamie E1-08518741943
Barnett, Matilda1-08518931950
Barnett, William R1-08518691968
Barnum, Berttie1-10518941895
Barth, George1-17619021980
Barth, Ruth1-17619182004
Barton, David2-04219651983
Bassinger, Destrey2-08319832002
Bateman, Beverly A1-1491935
Bateman, Diane1-14919591979
Bateman, Else L1-14918831979
Bateman, Nellie A1-14918851962
Bateman, Paul L1-14919271989
Baur, Cody Joseph2-11619831998
Beach, Bernice I1-15819091988
Beach, Bertha L1-15818831929
Beach, Carl C1-15818811902
Beach, Charles C1-15818461932
Beach, Elizabeth1-04818231909
Beach, Susie1-15818481946
Beach, William C1-15819191936
Beach, William S1-15818711950
Beachell, Felix1-22818811945
Beachell, Harry1-16318471932
Beachell, Helen F1-22819081979
Beachell, Lawrence E1-22819051961
Beachell, Louisa C1-16318441913
Beachell, Minnie1-22818851957
Beale, Henrietta S1-18218881968
Beale, Ralph M1-18218831966
Beale, T. J.1-18218511911
Beason, Elmer Preston1-22319161945
Beason, Harry O1-22319851971
Beason, Perneacy E1-22318901961
Beck, George P1-09518291915
Becker, Charles2-12519252007
Bell, A. F.1-267
Bell, Anna C1-20718731960
Bell, Benjamin A.1-208
Bell, Brandi M.1-2081996
Bell, Elma Fay1-26719011965
Bell, Grace E1-18719001967
Bell, Harry W.1-2661994
Bell, Lola Jean (Infant)1-2671930
Bell, Louis Fay1-2671927
Bell, Michael J.1-20819681998
Bell, Myrtle M.1-208
Bell, Pauline L.1-2661999
Bell, W. B. (Winn)1-18718941955
Bell, William1-2081994
Bell, William1-20718671939
Bellinger, Cassie2-14119851987
Bennett, Henry1-27518661924
Bennett, Sarah N1-27518641926
Benson, Florence1-21019031999
Benson, Wesley1-21019031947
Berc, Anna1-02218371913
Berc, Anna M1-02218731882
Berc, Emma C1-02218751897
Berc, John1-02218431910
Berc, Olga C1-02218911908
Berg, Christina1-02918431921
Berg, Claes1-02918461916
Berg, Hilda1-02918821918
Berg, Jennie S1-02218691926
Bergquist, Andrew J1-25918541929
Bergquist, Hilma C1-25918611940
Bettis, Stacie E1-23819771980
Betz, Anna J1-15118881953
Bevans, Agda1-27819001969
Bevans, Alexander1-27918661929
Bevans, Charles1-27918861916
Bevans, Dayton Lee1-05619761976
Bevans, Elizabeth1-27918651938
Bevans, Herman1-27919041924
Bevans, Lloyd1-28319252001
Bevans, Mabel (Wiebke)1-27918831974
Bevans, Shirley1-28319292005
Bevans, Warren1-27818941945
Bevans, Warren1-05619482010
Bevard, Catharine1-19318651938
Bevard, George1-19318621915
Bevard, John E1-20118891918
Biggers, Marianne L1-0251929
Birdsall, Evan1-17018751950
Birdsall, Harriet M1-17019341921
Birdsall, Henry C1-17018311911
Birdzell, Hazel V1-22119061943
Birdzell, Kenneth1-22119071944
Blagg, Mary M1-00918281900
Blanch, Dora1-08518901890
Blanchard, Edna1-02318801880
Blanchard, Elizabeth1-02318411913
Blanchard, Martin V1-02318371908
Blankenship, Gene1-23119162000
Blankenship, Maxine1-23119162006
Blankenship, Timothy2-01919731996
Bloom, Carlton J1-05619092001
Bloom, Mary June1-05619231993
Borden, Emma G1-16418741957
Borden, John W1-16418731929
Bowmaster, Andrew R1-28319721985
Bragg, Ed1-006
Bragg, Leah1-00618901890
Bragg, Lucy1-00618901893
Bragg, Mina1-006
Brandeen, August1-03918641933
Brandeen, Bertha1-03918661931
Brandeen, Hilt W1-03918971982
Brandeen, Stella R1-03919001969
Branham, Joseph W1-04218931968
Branham, Vallie Ruth1-04218971973
Brauckmuler, Mary F1-1291926
Brauckmuller, Ivan C1-12919201975
Bray, John1-11518841974
Bray, Mae Ellen1-11518821977
Bray, Virgil W1-11519081917
Broadwater, Albert P1-13418561939
Broadwater, Clara (Eastlick)1-03818951947
Broadwater, Fanny (Young)1-03818781926
Broadwater, Lillian1-03818961914
Broadwater, Lyvia1-03818311908
Broadwater, Milton1-03818661908
Broadwater, Sarah E1-13418681962
Brown, Alice2-07719302007
Brown, Annie M.1-26718541922
Brown, Axel Louis1-26718501930
Brown, Erma V1-17619202003
Brown, Eva P1-27319061923
Brown, Frank G1-18018831968
Brown, Grace L2-06619202011
Brown, Ina B1-18018841981
Brown, John1-144
Brown, Ray L1-17619161974
Brown, Russell I2-06619181985
Brucker, Denise1-2401966
Brucker, Sharon1-23319412003
Bruhl, Judith (Infant?)1-049
Bruhl, Lorld1-04919131990
Bruhl, Nancy1-04919351944
Bruhl, William1-04919121973
Brumley, Mildred1-00819041977
Bruner, Lillie M1-16018671960
Buechler, August1-05618941976
Buechler, Hazel B1-05618971978
Bunch, Marilyn L2-10219372001
Bundy, James E1-09818351911
Burcham, Clarence1-20219091943
Burcham, Daniel2-00419652003
Burcham, Dean2-00419342008
Burg, Jean1-0751927
Burg, Marlo1-0751926
Burtch, Bertha1-08419081975
Burton, Amos1-17218301901
Burton, Lavina1-17218371874
Butler, Alva E1-15018661936
Butler, Jennie1-15018641903
Butler, Levi W1-15018411928
Butler, Mary E1-15018431929
Cameron, Ardith I1-08619131952
Cameron, Charles L1-07218891890
Cameron, Claude1-02118851975
Cameron, Donald O1-08619132008
Cameron, Hilda1-02118901954
Cameron, Hughie1-02119111940
Cameron, Jean F1-07218851886
Cameron, John Lee1-07218141893
Cameron, Nellie L1-07218611954
Cameron, Robert1-07218411929
Cameron, Russell C1-02119231998
Canada, Nettie1-13419022002
Carlson, Andrew W1-27118651929
Carlson, Diana1-283
Carlson, J. Emil1-23418861969
Carlson, Manual A1-04218791963
Carlson, Mollie E1-04218811974
Carlson, Nora1-23418891959
Carroll, Chester L1-29418901945
Carroll, Martha A1-29418671994
Carroll, Thomas1-29418581918
Carter, Lena (Bainbridge)1-05119021938
Case, James D1-10118641923
Chase, Dorothy F2-04319241990
Chase, Isaac I2-0431924
Cheuvront, Evelyn H1-09618921969
Cheuvront, Frederick C1-09618791963
Clark, Lavina A1-00818401879
Clark, Maragaret1-00818351926
Clark, Ray1-00818941899
Clark, Silas M1-00818361912
Clark, William D1-00818601938
Clason, Rufus F1-22818951949
Clayton, C. Ross1-27118781932
Cliffton, Duane2-06819282009
Cliffton, Frank2-0682007
Clouse, Blanche J1-05619571974
Coburri, Sherman S1-17619091978
Coggin, Nellie1-09819051907
Cogswell, Mason B1-22318741959
Cogswell, Tilly1-22318791948
Cole, Floyd1-237
Cole, Olive1-23718931917
Cole, Robert Lee1-04519431945
Colmon, Floyd R1-22018891951
Colmon, M. Elsie1-22018861941
Combs, Lorna1-23819392003
Conrad, Julia1-06218481902
Cook (?)1-010
Cook, Agnes1-01018221903
Cook, Andrew1-01018191908
Cook, Carrie (Bell)1-23718831910
Cook, Dollie A1-19418851981
Cook, Emily C1-01118531942
Cook, Ethel May1-01118901956
Cook, Evalina1-19418821966
Cook, James1-01118821960
Cook, James1-01018561882
Cook, Jennie1-01018471925
Cook, Pearl G1-19419031973
Cook, Theron B1-19418791918
Cook, William1-01018451926
Cook, William A1-11719081910
Cooley, (Baby)1-01218761876
Cooley, Anna1-09518731930
Cooley, Clarence D1-01218721895
Cooley, Edith L1-01218831962
Cooley, Edward L1-01218801944
Cooley, Frances M1-08318781901
Cooley, Hazel M1-09518971981
Cooley, Kathryn1-01219172008
Cooley, Maragaret E1-01219102001
Cooley, Margaret E1-01218901934
Cooley, Mary1-02618431915
Cooley, Nora1-01218811895
Cooley, Richard S1-01218421928
Cooley, Roswell D1-02618381913
Cooley, Thomas A1-01218761897
Cooley, Timothy M1-09518481903
Cooley, William L1-09518991978
Cooperrider, Craig A2-03119541995
Cooperrider, Susan D2-0311954
Cope, Estom M1-22618881961
Cope, Everett J1-04518911977
Cope, Matilda F1-27318611942
Cope, Nelly V1-22618941985
Cope, Vivian L1-04518891991
Cope, William1-27318601940
Copley, Roy R1-19118891955
Copley, Velma A1-19118921962
Coppis, Mary J1-28018331925
Cottle, V. Fern1-15319001936
Coy, (Baby)1-195
Coy, Earl P1-19518921939
Coy, Hazel Walen1-19518941981
Crader, Phydella M1-28318891987
Crader, Sylvester1-28318861919
Cressman, Anna L1-02218781880
Crow, J. R. (Marion)1-19919691984
Curyea, George C1-19918761912
Curyea, John Burt1-19918741959
Curyea, Virgie M1-19918801969
Daft, Chas E1-29218561921
Daft, Doris L1-29119201920
Daft, Gladys L1-29218851976
Daft, Lawrence H1-29118821963
Daft, Lester1-29219241987
Daft, Martha1-29218561945
Daft, Mattie C1-29118901970
Daft, Nellie M1-29118831981
Daft, Ralph K1-29218891978
Daft, William T1-29118911983
Darby, Sarah H1-28718911919
Davidson, Jennie B1-03718881963
Davidson, William S1-03718841954
Davis, Alfreda C1-13218651905
Davis, Frank M.1-132
Debord, Susan1-14718451903
Debord, W. V.1-14718441930
Decker, David F1-12618621949
Decker, Minnie F1-12618701959
DeJarnett, Maude E1-20718781957
DeJarnett, Willis M1-20718731961
Denham, George W1-19218441933
Denham, Sarah E1-19218471913
Deubler, Mary R2-04119471997
Devigne, Aaron A1-06419101928
Devigne, Armand J1-06418741957
Devigne, Dora May1-06418801943
Devigne, Frances I1-24419021974
Devigne, Joseph1-06418431920
Devigne, Lucian V1-24418991968
Devigne, William B1-06419041966
DeVore, James S1-19618591941
DeVore, Jennifer1-18918651922
Dick, Madge B1-23118921966
Dick, William H1-23118911958
Dickinson, Caroline1-08118491922
Dickinson, Clyde E1-08118831889
Dickinson, Fannie1-08118781968
Dickinson, John W1-08118451911
Dickinson, Orlie1-08118711949
Dickinson, P.1-08118721934
Dickson, Marta M (Burg)1-07519501997
Dietrich, Carl F1-22218961974
Dietrich, George J1-22219071978
Dietze, Ernest A2-00619281986
Dietze, Marilyn L2-00619301994
Dilldine, Hazel1-2251994
Dilldine, W. J.1-225
Dimick, Glen1-18519172004
Dimick, Ida M1-18518771962
Dimick, Martha J1-18518391914
Dimick, Oliver B1-18518371914
Dimick, Robert F1-18518781937
Dimick, Verna M1-18519181963
Dimick, William H1-11818401910
Dimmitt, Glenn W1-05018941987
Dimmitt, Mildred M1-05019021979
Dittbenner, Eugene G2-09219381998
Dittbenner, Karen J2-09219392001
Dodge, Craig D1-05019441987
Dodge, Ethel1-047
Dodge, Hale A1-04719242004
Dodrill, Eugene Milton1-21018771944
Dodrill, Julia1-21018841956
Dotson, Georgiana1-11718721950
Dotson, Richard W1-11718671956
Downing, Blanche2-07918982000
Downing, John E2-07918931988
Drake, Selma A1-10318941937
Dristy, Eva1-11718831960
Dristy, Glenn G1-11719231944
Dristy, James A (Strauss)1-11719121997
Dristy, Mable I (Strauss)1-11719172002
Dristy, William1-11718721950
Dunn, Kathleen2-0752011
Dunning, (Mother)1-163
Dunning, Charles1-16318431930
Ebmeier, (?)2-018
Ebmeier, Henry C2-01819061991
Eckstrom, Ethan2-04419922008
Ellenwood, Elizabeth1-06718241916
Ellenwood, Fanny1-06718621900
Ellenwood, Hannah1-06718391938
Ellenwood, Harry1-06718641892
Ellenwood, John G1-06718341908
Ellenwood, Lucy1-06718721971
Ellenwood, Mabel1-06718701871
Elrod, Ruth M.1-23319171999
Elrod, Virgil1-233
Elwood, Bernard1-18319111912
Elwood, J. P.1-18318821942
Emery, Angeline L1-03719051978
Emery, Cora May1-03718711968
Ensminger, Allan G2-00819122010
Ensminger, Gladys G2-00819152000
Erskine, Caroline1-21118561950
Erskine, Franklin W1-21118591934
Erskine, Mary F1-12518841970
Erskine, William J1-12518861950
Estabrook, John1-01118221886
Estabrook, Sara1-01118311906
Fahleson, Herman2-09018991983
Fahleson, Lillian2-09019031989
Farnsworth, Barbara1-232
Farnsworth, Darrell1-22719392008
Farnsworth, Eva M1-22719071984
Farnsworth, Harry E1-22718921956
Farnsworth, Jessie J1-22218691944
Farnsworth, Martha A1-22218701953
Fedderson, (Baby)1-096
Fedderson, (Baby)1-096
Finney, Archie C Jr.1-07519301980
Finney, Douglas E1-07519511986
Finney, Opel V1-0751930
Flinn, Mildred2-03219442003
Flowers, Carolyn1-0291941
Flowers, Robert D1-02919391983
Foreman, Arnienus1-23718581934
Foreman, Edward J1-23618801953
Foreman, Eva Mae1-23718851903
Foreman, George P1-23618881970
Foreman, Mabel L1-23619111994
Foreman, Margaret P1-23618901975
Foreman, Thelma M1-22919021994
Foreman, Violet M1-23619131961
Foreman, William J1-22918911963
Foreman, Zabra J1-23718581935
Forsgren, Albert J1-21218961982
Forsgren, Anna A1-21218981976
Forsgren, RichardJan-3519292005
Fowler, Thomas E2-10219041989
Fowler, Viola K2-10219101996
Fuchser, Ernest R1-02118881937
Fuchser, Merle O1-02118891967
Fudge, Cora O1-18918711948
Fudge, M. Ervin1-18918901891
Fudge, Morton W1-18918671948
Fulton, William Dr.1-07518251890
Fuson, John R1-06418781885
Gable, (Son of H.C. & M.A.)1-09018911892
Gable, Bernice K1-23519081994
Gable, Clarence F1-09018821925
Gable, Doriann J1-21919591972
Gable, Dorothy E1-21919242002
Gable, Enoch1-12218261918
Gable, George A1-12218641949
Gable, James W1-21919191996
Gable, John E1-23519001964
Gable, John E1-21918741944
Gable, Martha W1-1221897
Gable, Myrtle E1-21918801956
Gable, Rose1-21919161958
Gable, William F1-12218681941
Garland, Catharine M1-12918461917
Garland, Charles1-12918651888
Garland, Elsie M1-13018811940
Garland, George1-12918381906
Garland, Ralph W1-13018751940
Gelinne, James W1-0951941
Gelinne, Marcia E1-0951943
Georgeson, Barbara B2-0421936
Georgeson, Curtis P2-0421934
Gerlach, August1-06018301884
Gerlach, Emma1-06018801900
Gerlach, Nancy1-06018571925
Gillham, Cha's D.1-18018711942
Gillham, Cha's W1-18018921957
Gillham, Lydia J1-18018491925
Gilman, Annie B1-19818881980
Gilman, Charles H1-19818871966
Gilman, Thelka C1-27218821977
Golightly, Donald M2-04219271997
Golightly, Mildred A2-0421933
Golz, Emma S1-03518781965
Golz, Grace G1-18419131913
Golz, William H1-03518751959
Goodenberger, Marissa2-0512010
Graham, Charles1-2401965
Graham, Rose1-2401991
Griess, Esther M1-13019211970
Griess, John M1-13019182004
Griswold, Charley J1-04318691884
Griswold, Clinton G1-11318601936
Griswold, Ella1-04318641887
Griswold, Frances E1-11318521928
Griswold, Hester A1-11318181894
Griswold, Homer1-04318551923
Griswold, James W1-11318481931
Griswold, Nathan W1-11318161898
Griswold, Rosalvo1-04318221911
Griswold, Susan1-04318341914
Griswold, Willie1-04318621890
Gronquist, Joseph1-2162008
Gronquist, Marian E1-21619202003
Haase, Albert F1-22718901960
Haase, Ruth E1-22719002001
Hagaman, Darrell D1-08619371996
Hagaman, David L1-18719401959
Hagaman, Roy1-18719112006
Hagaman, Vonia L1-18719111997
Hall, Alice C1-08019241995
Hall, Ami William1-14118831931
Hall, Bessie I1-16018941978
Hall, Caroline1-26118541913
Hall, Daisy F1-26218791973
Hall, Doris L1-0891932
Hall, Elizabeth S1-26118951984
Hall, Elmer1-14918881971
Hall, Emily G1-14918821968
Hall, Fred C1-26218801946
Hall, Genevieve1-06518901987
Hall, Harold R1-08019232006
Hall, Itha May1-27318911975
Hall, Jacob1-00418011877
Hall, James L1-26118841955
Hall, Jane Ethel1-06519591967
Hall, John1-26118501925
Hall, John G1-26118881978
Hall, Laura (McCandless)1-14118791938
Hall, Loran L1-27319221946
Hall, Marcia K1-0891959
Hall, Marvin L1-0891930
Hall, Mary A1-26118971918
Hall, Mary A1-16018251895
Hall, Nellie1-16018961896
Hall, Oscar H1-27318911967
Hall, Ronald C1-16018931969
Hall, Russell1-06518881973
Hall, Russell (Baby)1-08019211921
Hall, Samuel R1-28718541925
Hall, Sarah M1-28718521918
Hall, William1-16018201898
Hallam, Mary2-1282006
Hamblin, Lois D2-02919281999
Hamblin, Tom M2-02919262001
Hamlow, Alfred1-20219101912
Hamlow, Andrew J1-26418411914
Hamlow, Christine1-26418431927
Hamlow, Ida M1-18118801955
Hamlow, Walter A.1-26418741943
Hanawalt, James L1-19518611909
Hanawalt, Margarite1-19518721913
Haning, Albena M1-00218881979
Haning, Ernest C1-00218821961
Haning, Irene M1-00219112001
Haning, Linda J1-00218611939
Haning, Myron M1-00218561938
Haning, Orville G1-00219111994
Hansen, Evelyn M2-0421920
Hansen, M. Eileen1-0951922
Hansen, Marcel H1-09519202008
Hansen, Milford R2-0421922
Harding, Detta2-10319131998
Harding, Roy R2-10319141975
Harlan, Gladyce A1-14519221975
Harlan, Minor E (Tom)1-14519182005
Harms, Betty R1-04719291968
Harms, Louis1-0471925
Harrison, Rose J1-06018721962
Hart, Grace1-0731885
Hartley, Nettie W1-15918851984
Hascall, Daniella2-01919721998
Hatten, Elizabeth C1-14518901967
Hatten, W. B. (Bud)1-14519111971
Hatten, Walter1-14518881968
Headrick, Diana1-02018301901
Headrick, Emma1-02018601906
Headrick, George1-02018291911
Headrick, George1-02018821884
Headrick, James B1-02018581936
Headrick, Mattie1-0201884
Headrick, Pearl1-02018811881
Hedges, Anne E1-06819031986
Hedges, David1-06819322009
Hedges, David1-06818451906
Hedges, Eliza A1-06818451896
Hedges, Ella May1-15818751954
Hedges, Francis E1-06818991966
Hedges, Grandma1-068
Hedges, John J1-15818751959
Hedges, Maurine V1-06819001957
Hedges, Sarah J1-06818691940
Hegwood, Bobby2-05419741976
Hegwood, Charles W2-05419491965
Hegwood, Maxine V2-05419291970
Heier, Arthur F1-20618891953
Heier, Emery M1-20619151931
Heier, Eva A1-20618921968
Heier, Ivan F1-21819141992
Heier, Ruby P1-21819221992
Heilman, Ada1-22119591951
Heilman, Alma A1-22618781956
Heilman, Catherine1-01818421925
Heilman, Edith1-22118911975
Heilman, J. Leroy1-22118891943
Heilman, Jeremiah1-01818281898
Heilman, Lydia R1-01818801964
Heilman, Newton D1-01818611913
Heilman, Samuel E1-22618741962
Heilman, Valeria L1-22619072001
Hendrickson, (Grandma)1-106
Hendrickson, Anna M1-11318891976
Hendrickson, Arthur E1-10618841906
Hendrickson, Carl E1-10618911961
Hendrickson, Earl R1-10619051961
Hendrickson, Frank M1-10618551925
Hendrickson, Johanna1-10319591930
Hendrickson, Mary1-106
Hendrickson, Myrtle E1-10618991903
Hendrickson, Swan1-106
Hendrix, LillianFeb-7019352004
Hennecke, Burl L1-05319261989
Hennecke, Elva1-04219061985
Hennecke, John1-04218961983
Hill, Daniel Leigh1-05419571992
Hill, Edward1-22118961984
Hill, Eleanor1-05419382009
Hilt, Alan L2-0791946
Hilt, Delores R2-0791934
Hilt, Maurine M1-13019241999
Hilt, Robert P1-13019241974
Hoag, Effie B1-2201967
Hoig, S. Ellen1-15318751960
Holley, C. Ellen1-27718581954
Holley, Frank A1-27718461923
Holley, Gail F1-25018781956
Holley, Georgia E1-27718871947
Holley, Ida M1-28018531925
Holley, Jarvis1-2501915
Holley, M. K.1-28018521944
Holley, Mary May1-25018861946
Holley, Muriel L1-27719001976
Holmes, Charles E1-28419191921
Holmes, Charles O1-28418851956
Holmes, Jennie D1-28418851958
Holstein, James Sr.2-06719232000
Holstein, Nina J2-06719221966
Holt, William1-1611894
Houser, Lois E2-1261922
Houser, Manasa2-1261922
Houser, Robert H2-12619241999
Houser, Tliiha Cuna0-unkn18471918
Houts, Alice1-08218751891
Hoy, Priscilla E2-13819042007
Hoy, Raymond E2-13818981982
Hoyle, Mary M1-01318931980
Huber, Frances J1-01618761918
Hudson, Robert H2-09119011977
Hudson, Sarah E2-09118981981
Hughes, Albert M1-20318801962
Hughes, Annara1-20318521919
Hughes, Frank M1-20318331917
Hughes, Gertrude D1-20318891961
Hughes, Paul E1-20318901967
Huling, Earl C1-06518911965
Huling, Eddie S1-08018821888
Huling, Edward1-08018371922
Huling, Ernest P1-08018941974
Huling, George1-080
Huling, Hilda1-06518871953
Huling, Jeanna L.1-08018601900
Huling, Mary L1-08018531903
Huling, Moses1-0651927
Huling, Sarah M1-08018471887
Huls, Irma2-1152010
Hunt, Burt W1-16019051958
Hunt, Burt W1-15919051958
Hunt, Florence1-11418731968
Hunt, Harvey1-11418691956
Hunt, Louise1-15919081915
Hunt, Mary A1-15918811974
Hunt, Pearl1-159
Hunt, William1-15918801949
Iburg, Coryl A1-04219091979
Iburg, James F1-04219051976
Ingwerson, Esther1-12419101911
Ingwerson, Guy1-12418851958
Ingwerson, Lydia1-12418821953
Ingwerson, Marilyn1-12419341990
Ingwerson, Merle G1-12419181982
Jackson, Bernice1-23419131990
Jackson, Elza1-04218921977
Jackson, Helen L1-04218961965
Jackson, Richard K1-23419131986
Jacoby, Frank1-12918961976
Jacoby, Iretus W1-13618681944
Jacoby, Jennie D1-13618681939
Jacoby, Julia1-13618981955
Jacoby, Lillian1-138
Jacoby, Louisa E1-13818351892
Jacoby, Mabel1-12919162006
Jacoby, Peter C1-13818331916
Jacoby, Samuel R1-13618231903
Jefferson, Frances M1-16218741971
Jefferson, Glen1-16218961992
Jefferson, Marion L1-16219031991
Jefferson, Walter W1-16218691943
Jeffery, John1-00418311916
Jeffery, John Jr.1-00418701870
Jeffery, Lorena1-00418371905
Jeffery, Martin1-005
Jeffery, Nelson1-00418721873
Jeffery, Sarah1-00418101899
Jeffery, William1-00418061875
Jeffery, William1-00418671887
Jenkins, Michael1-2252005
Jewell, Alexander1-11218331897
Jewell, Laura Ann1-11218721952
Jewett, Beryle W1-02419171931
Jewett, Charles W1-02419071994
Jewett, Cha's D1-02418401920
Jewett, Dwight W1-02519211988
Jewett, Emma C1-02418841966
Jewett, Ervine1-0241901
Jewett, Erwin W1-02418691955
Jewett, Hazel1-02319122001
Jewett, Jane C1-02418401886
Jewett, Jeanne1-024
Jewett, Martha L1-02418391918
Jewett, Minnie A1-02419041990
Jewett, Ned1-02319102000
Jewett, Pearl C1-02418751942
Jewett, Perry1-02419071910
Jewett, Robert E1-02419361937
Jewett, Winnojean1-02519171999
Joerger, Jennie1-13118701960
Johnson, Allen2-13719442004
Johnson, Andrew1-14618581951
Johnson, Bert R1-21818971962
Johnson, Charley1-02718461892
Johnson, Charlotta E1-21118601954
Johnson, Dale A1-21819261947
Johnson, David W1-14719591993
Johnson, Delos L1-19819141996
Johnson, Ed1-15218911976
Johnson, Ellis1-17419161992
Johnson, Elmer1-14618991984
Johnson, James A1-14719611975
Johnson, Jonas1-12318471909
Johnson, Joseph F1-21119031944
Johnson, Justus1-21118501935
Johnson, Mary1-15218911974
Johnson, Mary1-14618581893
Johnson, Matilda1-14618671928
Johnson, Novella Otley1-21818941994
Johnson, Olive1-14619021993
Johnson, Sharon K1-14719551981
Johnson, Victor W1-14719571977
Johnson, Wilma G (Boyd)1-19819131999
Johnston, Anthony1-084
Johnston, Kate1-08418741963
Jones, Claude A1-033
Jones, Emeline1-27818791961
Jones, Glenn1-27819171924
Jones, J. N. T.1-033
Jones, Rachel E. (Tudor)1-12018721894
Jones, Sarah Lenora1-033
Jones, V. A.1-033
Jones, W. O.1-033
Jurica, Brian W1-17419661986
Jurica, Frank1-174
Jurica, Nancy1-174
Kagy, Clarence R1-14019081960
Kagy, Eugene1-1401973
Kagy, Julia1-14018991903
Kagy, Lola C2-05419121989
Kagy, Rhoda1-1401838
Kagy, Rudolph1-1401875
Kagy, Soloman D1-14018421921
Kagy, Susie1-14018811957
Kauffman, Edna S1-13118751941
Kauffman, Esther F2-05519071992
Kauffman, Garrett M1-13118681953
Kauffman, Lottie M1-13318841972
Kauffman, Raymond2-05519021982
Kauffman, Sarah1-13318401904
Kauffman, Simon C1-13318741948
Kauffman, William1-13318451931
Keefer, Wilber1-09418941897
Kelly, Bonnie1-16619131942
Kelly, Everette1-16619071995
Kelly, Minnie I1-16618741960
Kidwell, Mary L1-03818841884
Kingery, Charlotte1-05319432003
Kinnett, Steve2-1072012
Kirkbride, Della1-11618871969
Kirkbride, Flora1-11619591910
Kirkbride, Frank W1-11618571917
Kirkbride, Jack D1-11619181969
Kirkbride, Jean R1-11618721933
Kirkbride, Phyllis1-11619192008
Kirkbride, Stacy1-00918781878
Kirkbride, Walter1-11618861958
Knickerbocker, Zed C1-20419881988
Knippel, Donald J1-04519211991
Knippel, Larry D1-04519501970
Knippel, Lois E1-04519212010
Kracman, Kenneth L1-02519381993
Kreiner, Peter2-10219011986
Kriener, Sophia2-10219031982
Krieser, Arnold R2-12719081974
Krieser, Gertrude E2-12719102002
Kroese, Herman K1-02919201979
Kroese, Opal C1-02919172007
Lamb, Emma S1-12818891889
Landis, Benjamin1-20218511947
Landis, Sallie1-20218611950
Larson, Augusta1-14418551941
Larson, Gust1-14418541937
Laschanzky, Bruce1-0292011
Laschanzky, Maxine1-0291934
Latture, Lena B1-04818751959
Latture, Sam1-04818721967
Laursen, Gussie1-03818981964
Laursen, Holger1-03818881954
Lear, Elvira L1-09119011966
Lear, John W1-09118781954
Lehman, Edgar H1-10318601937
Lehman, Guy A1-10319101913
Lehman, Lida B1-10318681928
Lewis, Ed1-2051942
Liss, Keith A1-02519681986
Loder, Alice C1-03018761934
Loder, Alice W1-03018421913
Loder, Cecelia2-10419292003
Loder, Christiana1-03018691870
Loder, Elsie1-21318781963
Loder, Emeline T1-21318491937
Loder, Emma V1-21318901990
Loder, Frederic2-10419292006
Loder, Ira A1-28518771940
Loder, James E1-03019051954
Loder, Jennie1-28518771925
Loder, John1-21318831968
Loder, Kathryn1-03019401978
Loder, Lewis J1-03018351923
Loder, Margaret1-0361893
Loder, Margaret A1-03618541924
Loder, Nellie1-0361893
Loder, Samuel1-03018701870
Loder, W. A.1-03618461899
Loder, William1-03018761949
Lolder, Frances E1-03019042000
Lorenson, Douglas2-03019641996
Lorenson, Michael R2-03219582000
Lowdan, Amelia1-05318131897
Lowdon, (Baby)1-06618861886
Lowdon, Eliza1-06618571916
Lowdon, F. G.1-06618881956
Lowdon, John1-06618511921
Luebbe, Naida D1-09119301995
Maddox, David C1-17418441916
Maddox, Martha A1-17418461911
Mae, Phyllis1-27319231923
Maher, Jane1-03219292005
Maher, Minerva S2-06618961972
Maher, Thomas F2-06618911969
Malone, Delta1-15418941901
Malone, Ella V1-15418641933
Malone, Frederick E1-15418961967
Malone, Gloria M1-15419232002
Malone, Iona B1-2431930
Malone, McClellan1-15418611916
Malone, Minnie1-15419041908
Malone, Nellie1-15418981907
Malone, Ruby E1-15418911990
Malone, William F1-24319221993
Maly, Arline E2-04219212004
Maly, James A2-04219151998
Marcks, Amelia B1-22318861979
Marcks, Herman A1-22318831950
Marolf, Darlene D1-2311924
Marolf, Wayne C1-23119181994
Marshall, Betty Lou1-14019441996
Marshel, Anna M1-14518881940
Marshel, Deen1-14518871956
Marshel, Lucy E1-20018581927
Marshel, Wheeler D1-20018521917
Martin, Cecil1-24419202005
Martin, Edward1-29318691952
Martin, Elisabeth1-13918341907
Martin, Everett W1-24319141980
Martin, Florence (Scott)1-13918771917
Martin, Frederick1-13918261903
Martin, Frederick A1-14218861915
Martin, Gretchen L1-24319162007
Martin, Harry L1-27418791934
Martin, Hattie G1-27418851977
Martin, James2-04519492008
Martin, La Mae1-2441924
Martin, Myrtle1-29318721925
Martz, Carrie S1-09918701968
Martz, Charles B1-09918841934
Martz, Esther1-09918451904
Martz, Hilda K1-09918881942
Martz, Nathan1-09918281907
Martz, U. Joshua1-09918691931
Maull, George Jr.1-05319152003
Maull, Roma G1-05319172004
Mayer, Albert F1-20619001978
Mayer, Ella M1-20619011930
Mayer, Minnie V1-20618991964
Mayolo, Benard2-02019422001
Mayolo, Thyra K2-0201946
McCandless, Aaron M1-14118811904
McCandless, G. A. (M.D.)1-14118521918
McCandless, Helena1-14118531910
McCartney, Lida E1-14818811975
McCartney, Luman1-14818821964
McCartney, Phoebe D1-14818851905
McDougal, Eva L1-17419012002
McDougal, Harvey F1-17418891964
McFarland, Beverly1-04119332008
McFarland, Thomas1-04119282005
McGill, Ada E1-17518681934
McGill, Elizabeth1-23418861983
McGill, Erma M1-2391932
McGill, Grace E2-13919001998
McGill, Harold H1-23919161991
McGill, Helen Bevans1-23919201989
McGill, John1-23418921961
McGill, Phillis R1-2391922
McGill, Richard J1-23419171983
McGill, Robert S1-23919231995
McGill, Sara Helen1-23919591960
McGill, Stanley R1-2391921
McGill, William H2-13918981978
McKay, Joan1-276
McKay, Roger K1-27619431987
McLaughlin, Addie1-13218861950
McMurry, Albert1-02118181879
McMurry, Lucy E1-02118541919
McMurry, Sarah1-02118231887
McWilliams, Ethelyn1-17619141914
Melick, Dinah1-07918491904
Melick, Henry1-07918191888
Melick, Lydia1-07918201897
Memming, Harvey H1-07519311987
Memming, Lois M1-07519351992
Meyers, Patricia2-04019472006
Michael, James W1-00818561923
Michael, Lillian M1-00818671945
Mick, Dale1-23618911974
Mick, Hazel E1-23618981996
Mick, John C1-29518681960
Mick, Lillie E1-29518731946
Mick, Lloyd A1-29519001965
Mick, Paul L2-07819031987
Mick, Ruel A1-29519011983
Mick, Venice A2-0781915
Miles, Frank A1-29018911916
Miles, George H1-29018641920
Miles, Hattie E1-29018691937
Miller, (?)1-271
Miller, (?)1-271
Miller, (Daughter)1-272
Miller, August1-27218521917
Miller, Charlotte1-27218541937
Miller, Roland1-24119111985
Mills, Charles H1-13118661929
Mills, Everett M1-13118931894
Mills, Ned H1-13118921892
Mills, Theo M1-13119021902
Mink, Alvin H1-21819301994
Mink, Virginia E1-2181930
Mocroft, (Baby)1-03218991899
Mocroft, Alice1-191
Mocroft, Ann1-19118481925
Mocroft, Arthur1-03218611950
Mocroft, Bessie1-03218911974
Mocroft, Clark1-03218801883
Mocroft, Edna J1-19118801937
Mocroft, Elizabeth1-03218241904
Mocroft, Herbert1-16718471909
Mocroft, Jane E1-03218561935
Mocroft, Logan1-03218881943
Mocroft, Mary J1-03219232004
Mocroft, Minnie1-03218821883
Mocroft, Thomas1-03218501928
Mocroft, Tom1-03219232000
Mocroft, William1-19118451912
Mook, Charles D1-09419201981
Mook, Edith T1-09419161982
Mook, Gerald1-09419191942
Mook, Rose1-09418881948
Morris, Elizabeth M1-05018421937
Morris, George W1-05018381892
Moulton, Father1-04618221904
Moulton, Mother1-04618301916
Moulton, William1-04618631887
Munn, Albert R1-22919171989
Munn, Anne Belle1-28618811956
Munn, Carrie2-13918761954
Munn, Daniel W2-13918741974
Munn, Eunice J2-13919111996
Munn, Everett W1-10018301908
Munn, Frank1-10019212004
Munn, Fred E1-10018661963
Munn, Inez A1-2291922
Munn, John1-28618791934
Munn, Mary M1-10018471933
Munn, Phillip (Healey)1-28619181920
Munn, Rose E2-13819082004
Munn, Ross E2-13819031981
Munson, Ruth Marie1-21119011951
Murphey, Laura A1-09618991965
Nansel, Bernice L1-0561925
Nansel, Harold K1-0561927
Negus, Charles L1-11019121918
Negus, Ellis W1-11018771951
Negus, Henrietta1-1101980
Negus, Marjory E1-11019021916
Negus, Nathan M1-11019051910
Newkirk, Mildred H1-26919041984
Newkirk, Muearl M1-26919011986
Nichelson, Flixeen A2-1151933
Nichelson, Kirby2-1152011
Nickell, Gladys W1-23519172005
Nickell, Henry D1-23519121962
Nickelson, David2-11519511968
Nickelson, Jack V2-11519292009
Nickens, Gayle R1-27119301930
Niederhaus, Aurel1-04519181996
Niederhaus, George1-04519161985
Nissen, Marion1-2171993
Nissen, Omar J.1-2171997
Nolan, Judith1-2411945
Norder, Will2-1402011
Noren, Gustaf R1-27018431927
Noren, Hannah1-27018431926
Noren, J. Christina1-17818451927
Noren, M. Victor1-17818461928
Noren, Sophie E1-17818881921
Oberg, Elvera2-07919052005
Oberg, Walter2-07919052005
Olson, Alma1-22618751951
Olson, Augusta1-15218511931
Olson, Carl1-14418541890
Olson, Carolina1-14518491908
Olson, Ellen1-14518891891
Olson, John1-14518371920
Olson, Leonard A1-15218561935
Olson, Martin1-26018731914
Olson, Mary A1-29518881938
Olson, Nellie1-15218951895
Olson, Thomas1-22618651954
Olson, Victor1-29518791932
Osborn, Rachel1-16218201896
Ossenkop, Gary Jr.1-02919651981
Otley, Addie L1-13218971966
Otley, Arthur H. H.1-10818701957
Otley, Bertha F1-13518711957
Otley, Bessie L1-13518921892
Otley, Caroline1-13518601907
Otley, Frank K1-13218961997
Otley, George H1-10819001976
Otley, Gladys H2-06719182002
Otley, Hilda E2-05519132005
Otley, Ivy (Ickes)1-10819181999
Otley, Joe L1-29019151989
Otley, Leonard L1-10819091932
Otley, Luella C1-13518911925
Otley, Marian M1-29019191992
Otley, Mary J1-1091993
Otley, Rhoda I1-10818731957
Otley, Robert J2-05519111992
Otley, Thomas HG.1-10819201989
Otley, William E2-06719192002
Otley, William J1-10819031909
Otley, William J1-13518571934
Oyer, Gladys Anderson1-2151911
Pearson, Ernest A1-21518871947
Pearson, Nellie A1-21518891975
Peckham, C. Gladys1-29619142008
Peckham, Harry G1-2961909
Penn, Elmer F1-08518891908
Penn, Maranda C1-18618471912
Penn, R. Z.1-18618471920
Penn, Ruel Fred1-18618811957
Penn, Ruel T1-08518711940
Pennington, George C1-00718671945
Pennington, Lotti1-00718231824
Pennington, Sophia1-00718501951
Pepoon, Stella G1-07518981989
Petch, John W1-05218841885
Petch, Margaret1-05218641901
Petch, William1-05219011901
Peterson, Dollie C.1-19418851981
Phipps, Agnes E1-14819091996
Pierce, Charles E1-10218421915
Pierce, Harold1-10219081908
Pierce, Laura1-102
Pierce, Lydia K1-10218861908
Pierce, Sarah M1-10218401909
Pierce, Walter E1-10218801967
Pilfold, Harold M2-08019182007
Pilford, Marie E2-08019121999
Poffenberger, Irwin1-05818911918
Ponte, Crystal M2-06719202008
Ponte, Robert A2-06719181986
Post, Edwin1-17318211893
Post, Mary D1-17318311912
Post, Sidney1-17318641900
Price, Alice1-01318531933
Price, Lawrence A1-12618701937
Pullen, F1-091
Pullen, J1-091
Pullen, Mary L1-08918751913
Pullen, Wilburn M1-18918651957
Pullen, William S1-25718711915
Pygall, John O1-100
Raasch, Casper F1-13118601944
Raasch, O. Rena1-13118591947
Rasmussen, Wilma1-0522011
Reckling, Darlene1-06519281998
Reckling, Harlan1-0651925
Reed, Donald1-10619221995
Reed, Ella A1-21218961977
Reed, James R1-21218961978
Reed, Mary A1-13718321896
Reed, Nita M1-23019041987
Reed, Ted1-23019572006
Reed, Tom B1-23019001961
Reed, William D1-13718621888
Reed, William M1-13718271926
Reiner, Alvin C1-05018971988
Reiner, Gabriel1-09318291913
Reiner, Ivan M1-13218971980
Reiner, J. Edythe1-05018991986
Reiner, Leah N1-13219001969
Reiner, Lydia1-09318381912
Reitz, Alice E1-01518801904
Reitz, Birdie1-06218881941
Reitz, David1-06218471920
Reitz, Esther1-01818171885
Reitz, George Ray1-06218901942
Reitz, John B1-01518381924
Reitz, Jonathan1-01818241906
Reitz, Lydia1-06218491923
Reitz, Mary1-01518411913
Reitz, Mary Jane1-06218501923
Reitz, Oscar1-01518741910
Reitz, Rollin E1-06218811923
Reitz, Samuel1-06218461927
Reitz, Samuel D1-01518801880
Reitz, Vincent1-0621885
Rennison, J. S.1-16618831907
Restau, Inez1-22419252008
Reynolds, (B. R.?)1-254
Riddell, Dr. Samuel1-18118201892
Riddell, J. G. (Father)1-188
Rizor, Sarah R1-20619861986
Robinson, Geneva F1-03919111997
Rogers, Adelia M1-07018281896
Rogers, Charles A1-07018671896
Rogers, Clifford1-09119031910
Rogers, Cora May1-07018871888
Rogers, Ella J1-1791859
Rogers, Frank E1-07018571943
Rogers, Fred1-25818741962
Rogers, Harriett Clark1-07018631947
Rogers, Lloyd M1-18318891938
Rogers, Lucy A1-17918361912
Rogers, Mary Jane1-18318681962
Rogers, Nancy J1-25818741956
Rogers, Oliver M1-1791857
Rogers, Orrin M1-07018251912
Rogers, Samuel V1-17918311920
Rogers, Warren M1-18318651928
Rohren, Virginia2-0032011
Roller, Dorsel1-02519071997
Roller, Elmer D1-02519421991
Roots, Rachel1-20018451929
Roots, Seamon1-20018451917
Rose, Catharine D1-07618361889
Rose, Minnie C1-07618751904
Rose, Peter W1-07618271915
Rosengren, Adolph1-20419001964
Rosengren, Mary M1-20418951971
Rupert, Anna L1-28018911963
Rupert, Oliver L1-28018921961
Ryan, Jaimee A1-13419531953
Ryan, John1-138
Ryan, John E1-13419071989
Ryan, Mary C1-13419091992
Ryan, Peggy Jean1-13419561956
Rynkowski, Effie A1-15119041994
Sailors, Angeline2-04119332010
Sailors, Loretta (Kennedy)2-04319101995
Sailors, Shirley M2-0431940
Samuelson, Herbert1-19819101911
Schaeffer, Alice2-11319372009
Schlaphoff, Blanche1-20919081985
Schlaphoff, Carl J. H.1-20718831971
Schlaphoff, Elmer C1-02119141994
Schlaphoff, Emma Marie1-20718891979
Schlaphoff, John1-20919092004
Schlaphoff, L. E. Betty1-02119142004
Schluterbusch, Fred1-12519041969
Schluterbusch, Helen1-12519131970
Schmit, Lori L1-03919671987
Schofield, Christena1-00118371908
Schofield, James1-00118381888
Schofield, Leah A1-001188019??
Schofield, Mary A1-00118781912
Scott, Hiram W1-03718451926
Scott, Minnie1-05618931974
Scott, Rachel J1-03718451926
Sharp, Fred I1-03918651948
Sharp, Margaret1-03918851976
Sharp, Marjorie M1-0391923
Sharp, Vernon E1-03919121982
Sheridan, Marian L1-24519281991
Shipman, Gerald L1-02919371994
Shipman, Kathryn2-09219432006
Shipman, Kenneth2-0921941
Shore, Ella1-04818481932
Shore, Loran F (3 wks old)1-04818831883
Shore, Oracle M1-04818421911
Shore, Oscar N1-04818691948
Shotsman, Eileen H1-0541930
Shotsman, Richard1-05419301995
Shotwell, J. M.1-02518401880
Shriner, Goldie C1-12118991994
Shriner, H. H.1-12119201988
Shriner, Harold C1-12118931970
Shriner, Mary Ann1-12119212002
Silverstrand, Berdell1-24419131984
Silverstrand, Mary E1-24418791951
Silverstrand, Olander1-24418701939
Silverstrand, Ole1-24419051977
Simmons, Alfred R1-15618721907
Simmons, H. D.1-15618361913
Simmons, Julia A1-15618331920
Simms, Carl1-07318841887
Simpson, Mabel E2-05419061968
Simpson, Vergil E2-05418991970
Singleton, Omay1-207
Skala, Melinda L2-11619471998
Skinner, Sarah1-12818181893
Smith, (Daughter of L & I)1-02419331933
Smith, E. W.1-08618271895
Smith, Ina Mae1-20219112004
Smith, Mary A1-08618311880
Smith, Mary E1-06618831974
Smith, Perry1-08618901890
Smith, W. Russell1-06618811944
Smoot, Eugene C1-17918951982
Smoot, Irene1-17919092006
Smoot, Mary Lou1-17919271950
Snavely, Elizabeth J1-15919081971
Snyder, Adam E1-26318571916
Snyder, Alice1-084
Snyder, Carol J1-0521946
Snyder, Catherine1-07718441927
Snyder, Dessie R1-08319092001
Snyder, Elias E1-07718431888
Snyder, Elizabeth1-08318771947
Snyder, Etta1-08418791895
Snyder, G. Alatha (Dyer)1-05219161978
Snyder, Geneva P1-22919211946
Snyder, Ira C1-08318801965
Snyder, Isaiah B1-07718671888
Snyder, Jacob A1-07718771888
Snyder, Jeremiah1-08418501889
Snyder, John A1-04618421914
Snyder, Larry M1-05219441992
Snyder, Lester1-08419121941
Snyder, Lula P1-07819061995
Snyder, Marvin G1-05219191972
Snyder, Mary1-04618521885
Snyder, Mary E1-08418551909
Snyder, Olive1-22919212007
Snyder, Oscar1-08418881889
Snyder, Paul E1-05219271970
Snyder, Verne E1-08319071969
Snyder, William C1-07819021983
Sorensen, Louis1-11619131969
Sorensen, Virginia1-11619161968
Spader, Axel F1-24218841969
Spader, Betsy K2-0431926
Spader, David F1-14819161981
Spader, Eddis2-0311924
Spader, Frank E1-14818801957
Spader, H. Alexis1-24719162004
Spader, Hilma S1-14818791968
Spader, Koila R1-2421928
Spader, Lester L2-04319171996
Spader, Sigrid1-24218841970
Spader, Virginia1-2471918
Spader, Warren A2-03119111986
Spader, William E1-24219202002
Spangler, Ann V2-09019151998
Spangler, Elwin2-0901916
Sparhs, Charley M1-04318861886
Spidel, Geroge A1-24518951979
Spidel, Grace M1-24518961969
Stabler, Blanche M1-09218901968
Stabler, George W1-09218621929
Stabler, Grace L1-19018801960
Stabler, Laverna1-09219071908
Stabler, Lionel J1-19019111911
Stabler, Lucy L1-09218581942
Stabler, Lura J1-09218881966
Stabler, Mable1-09218931897
Stabler, Pearl L1-09218851960
Stabler, Percy G1-09218871970
Stabler, Robert L1-19018691933
Stanley, Eliza1-15318451894
Stanley, Mary E (Rininger)1-15318541926
Stanley, W. A.1-15318401913
Stengel, Paul H. C. Jr.2-01919231993
Stewart, Ardice1-23219092003
Stewart, Merrill1-233
Stineman, Justin2-12919762009
Stockton, Edwin M1-06918341886
Stockton, Florence1-06918741904
Strahan, Edward1-25619131913
Strahan, Ida L1-25618931972
Strahan, James C1-25618891943
Strahan, Jimmy1-25619331933
Strahan, Ruth1-25619241924
Strahan, Warren1-25619181918
Strauss, Lavanda2-1012011
Stubbs, Lynn V1-21518991962
Stubbs, Nellie M1-21518981982
Sturm, Bryan1-01518611932
Sturm, Clifford1-01519011962
Sturm, Emma S1-01518761967
Sudduth, Leanora1-05418591940
Sudduth, Louis S1-21418691958
Sudduth, Margaret A1-21418761939
Sudduth, Patrick1-054
Sullivan, Lucille (Walker)1-17019071930
Sundeen, Ida E1-12018831914
Sundeen, Louis E1-12018811954
Sundeen, Norman1-1322011
Sundeen, Oscar E1-12018811965
Sundeen, Paul A1-19919071975
Sundeen, Pauline E1-19919061988
Sutton, Anna M2-12718991976
Sutton, Earl A2-13818931986
Sutton, Forest E2-12718981983
Sutton, Grace W2-13818951986
Sutton, Jerry D2-12719421994
Sutton, Jody2-1271944
Sutton, Omer2-13819131981
Sutton, Viola2-13819141998
Sutton, Virginia2-12619342003
Swacker, Blanche L1-22218981973
Swacker, Robert B1-22218911951
Swanson, Ben1-14618781941
Swanson, Carl E2-00718981989
Swanson, Charles1-15718701951
Swanson, Christopher R2-01719862000
Swanson, Doris (Vankirk)2-00718981985
Swanson, Eleanor C1-15718991987
Swanson, Ellen1-14618881941
Swanson, Rosy A1-15718711954
Taylor, Everett V1-29019121985
Taylor, G. Marion1-29019171985
Terrill, Diane Lynn1-16019511957
Terrill, Gene D1-16019281957
Terrill, M. Arlene (Hall)1-16019291957
Thornburgh, Michael2-02019632008
Tiger, Catharine1-10718371909
Tiger, John N1-10718521928
Tiger, Sarah1-10718211869
Tiger, William1-10718211869
Todd, Donald M1-28219301931
Todd, Ethel C1-22818761946
Todd, Mae1-28218781939
Todd, Ruth1-28219181918
Tonkinson, John1-09418481911
Tonkinson, Louisa1-0941844
Tonkinson, Louisa1-26318441922
Travis, Allen & Alvin1-26819221922
Travis, Carolyn B2-10318931984
Travis, Cathrine1-0451902
Travis, Don C2-10318881970
Travis, Ellora1-0451883
Travis, Isabelle1-27418721925
Travis, James W1-27418681925
Travis, John H1-0451919
Travis, Mary A1-0451932
Tudor, Ida M1-12118601945
Tudor, James1-12118291891
Tudor, Jessie W2-07818951983
Tudor, Max C1-12119011947
Tudor, Perry C2-07818921968
Tudor, Thomas E1-12118611934
Tutin, Clara1-00518411940
Tutin, Nathan1-00518291913
Twiford, Dorthy E1-26919231925
Twiford, Mande O1-26919021946
Tyler, Gerrit V2-00719041986
Tyler, Mollia H (Swanson)2-00719051999
Tyrell, Nancy J2-10419341999
Tyrell, Roger A2-10419301998
Tyrrell, Charles R2-10318961983
Tyrrell, Leona E2-10318972000
Vannoy, (Baby)1-119
Vannoy, A. B.1-28118521917
Vannoy, Clara L1-0531919
Vannoy, Edmund C1-28119471975
Vannoy, Eliza1-11918661947
Vannoy, Felicia M1-0541956
Vannoy, Francis I1-05319151999
Vannoy, Helen E1-0541918
Vannoy, Henry C1-11918581922
Vannoy, Ivy C1-10518921991
Vannoy, J. Warren1-05419152004
Vannoy, John W1-0541949
Vannoy, Merle1-1051925
Vannoy, Nancy A1-28118631948
Vannoy, Pearl E1-10518901958
Vannoy, Pearl S1-11919111985
Vannoy, Raymond D1-10519331961
Vannoy, Ruth1-1191899
Vannoy, Steven W1-0541950
Vannoy, William1-11918221902
Vannoy, William E1-11919041907
Veeder, Frances L1-19919031951
Veeder, Slawson H1-19918971936
Venice, Mick2-0782011
Von Roper, Andrew1-25918591914
Wagner, Anna1-20318851912
Wait, Elvin O1-12718351891
Wait, Lena L1-10119061994
Wait, Lomira A1-12718401914
Wakefield, Delilah V1-17118381898
Wakefield, Orson1-17118341917
Walberg, Andrew1-09718221907
Walberg, Caroline1-09718371920
Walberg, Charles F1-09718621951
Walberg, Elmer1-09719011954
Walberg, Jennie1-09718731948
Waldo, Eliza S1-00618341891
Walker, Alice1-014
Walker, Alice1-01918361884
Walker, Amuel1-03518211872
Walker, Blanche1-03419031931
Walker, Charles M1-03118901891
Walker, Christiana1-03518111872
Walker, Edith A1-01418881891
Walker, Frank1-03418751943
Walker, Fred1-03118781902
Walker, George E1-06618881968
Walker, Hannah1-06618611909
Walker, Helen1-03118481936
Walker, Mahala1-01418601929
Walker, Mary1-03418751949
Walker, Mary A1-03118741895
Walker, Peter H1-03118411908
Walker, Richard1-06618551905
Walker, Robert1-03518491881
Walker, Roy1-01418841929
Walker, Samuel1-01418441926
Walker, Samuel1-03518111879
Walker, Sophia E1-01418841936
Ward, Billy1-27619211932
Ward, Elvira1-09118511920
Ward, Frank1-25718781948
Ward, G. Percy1-11818881956
Ward, Jessie A1-11818771968
Ward, John & Oscar1-091
Ward, Mary Etta2-05518761966
Ward, Mildred E1-27619191922
Ward, Sam W1-25718761954
Ward, Thomas1-27618581922
Ward, Vallie1-27118811952
Ward, William B1-09118471926
Ward, William J1-27118711936
Warner, Allen K2-1031928
Warner, Barbara A2-1031931
Warner, Oscar F1-23518951977
Warner, Ruby S1-23519001993
Watson, Bill1-066
Watson, Isabel1-06618811956
Wells, Olive A1-07418451889
Welsh, Belle1-11518761921
Welsh, Guy F1-11518851965
Welsh, Harriet1-11518461930
Welsh, James H1-11518461910
Welton, Hazel1-14919041907
Wendell, Ella E1-15118831955
Wendell, Orval1-12618941895
Wendell, Orville L1-15119241926
Westland, Ellen A1-28918581927
Westland, Eugene L1-28919231923
Westland, Helen E1-28918991979
Westland, Jean J1-0521925
Westland, John A1-28918511916
Westland, Lester A1-28918971985
Westland, Robert L1-05219252007
Westphalen, Irene M1-12019232001
Westphalen, James E1-12019152000
Westphalen, Stephen E1-12019501956
Wheeler, Beverly J2-10119331999
Wheeler, Don2-10119302004
White, Bessie1-05018791954
White, Kathryn (Munn)1-28619011972
White, Paul A1-05018731959
Whitley, Marjorie (Jacoby)1-13619001935
Wiebke, August F1-03718831947
Wiebke, Mildred1-03718821962
Wilborn, Elva M1-26818931967
Wilborn, Helen L1-26819211994
Wilborn, Horace D1-26818911976
Wilcox, Gertrude1-0601876
Wilcox, Lydia1-06018771967
Wilhelm, Dean R2-10219532000
Wilhelm, Emil D2-09119202007
Wilhelm, Grace2-0911922
Williams, Arthur J1-02419211998
Williams, Betty Jane1-02419231994
Williams, Clarence A2-04319172003
Williams, Doris2-04319152004
Willis, Eva Mae1-22018941966
Willis, William P1-22018841943
Williss, (Infant)1-159
Williss, E. E.1-15918531943
Williss, Glen O1-29619221992
Williss, Hubert1-29618881981
Williss, Leila M1-15918771966
Williss, Mary J1-15918561898
Williss, Vera A1-29618891948
Williss, Winifred1-2961922
Willits, John1-01318481930
Wilson, Elaine1-276
Wilson, G.1-114
Wilson, Harry1-02218691925
Wilson, Hinkle1-24919351936
Wilson, James G1-24918831965
Wilson, Mathew1-24918831965
Wilson, Wesley P1-24919341934
Wilson, Wm. M.1-276
Winslow, Louise (Munn)2-13919091986
Winslow, Michael A2-13719442004
Winslow, Worth R2-13919071997
Witherby, Phillis2-07919221997
Witherby, Vincent2-07919191997
Wong, Lewis1-04718131908
Wong, Martha1-04718181893
Woodrow, Francis1-21919151937
Woodrum, Cyrus T1-16918581920
Woodrum, Eda Mae1-1691928
Woodrum, Medinda E1-16918981911
Woodrum, Sarah E1-16918671937
Woodrum, William A1-16918961940
Woollen, Joseph L1-2201952
Woolman, Caryl B1-21319231972
Woolman, Patricia1-21319371938
Worden (Granddaughter)1-168
Worden, Charlie B1-16818861907
Worden, Farris B1-16818491910
Worden, Mary E1-16818511915
Worley, Lucy1-07118111886
Worley, W. H.1-071
Wray, Lydia M1-10118511935
Wray, Mary1-10118861908
Wray, Thomas W1-10118491930
Wray, Wilson1-10118721955
Young, Bernice I1-19019131972
Young, Electa1-15518271901
Young, John A1-19019092000
Youngberg, Alta L1-10418961969
Youngberg, Amanda1-10418641902
Youngberg, Frank1-10418881925
Youngberg, Ira A1-10418921972
Youngberg, Ira B1-10419192001
Youngberg, Isaac C1-10418511930
Youngberg, Ruth M1-1041921
Youngstrom, Charles1-04218971972
Youngstrom, Verona E1-04218981964
Yznaga, Jean M1-26519372001
Yznaga, Tony A1-26519232000
Zicafoose, Carol1-23819481989
Zicafoose, Clarence G1-23819121964
Zicafoose, Dora1-22018891980
Zicafoose, Earl P1-22018881942
Zicafoose, Rosa M1-2381915
Zimmerman, K. J.1-01618841933
Zimmerman, P. F. Jr.1-01618781881
Zimmerman, P. F. Sr.1-01618251893
Zimmerman, S. E.1-01618481920