City Projects

East Trunk Sewer Main– from the existing Wastewater treatment facility to the southeast across Highway 6, it will serve future development on the east side of Waverly from N 148th street east to N 176th street.   The project was completed in the Spring of 2018 and is now ready to serve this area as it develops.
For more information on the project, please click the link below:
Street Improvements 2020- include paving of Mansfield St. from N 142nd to N 141st.  ADA ramp improvements at N 141st and Jamestown, N 140th and Jamestown, N 139th and Jamestown, N 141st and Kenilworth, N 141st and Lancashire, N 142nd and Lancashire, and N 142nd and Kenilworth. Construction has started in March 2020.
Other projects planned for 2020- include cleaning silt from the Ash Hollow ditch which runs along the west side of Wayne Park, and cleaning of several other drainage ditches in the city.  Additional ADA ramps installed on the sidewalk in between Hamlow Elementary School and the Intermediate school, and street repairs to Montrose Court
Hopefully these improvements will continue to enhance and help maintain the quality of life in Waverly.