The street and roads system maintains 60 lane miles or 30 center-line miles of streets within the city limits. Some of the maintenance items include snow removal and deicing, signs, traffic markings, street sweeping, right of way mowing, and street repairs. There are also twelve blocks of alleys within the city that are maintained by public works.     2018 One and Six year street plan map

Street Sweeping

Street sweeping is done generally four times per year. The streets are typically swept in March/April, after the 4th of July, and in October/November. Sweeping may be done at other times depending on weather events, construction projects, or other events on an as needed basis.


Right of Way Mowing

Right of Way mowing is done in conjunction with the parks, cemetery, and other areas that the city is responsible for mowing as depicted in the mowing map…City Mowing area map


Block Parties

Block Parties are permitted within a street right of way. The city asks that no more than one block section be used for a block party and to clean up any and all debris within the public right of way after the block party ends. The City of Waverly is not liable for any damage or suit that may occur to any private property, person, or damage to the public right of way due to the activities of the block party.

To ask for a block party, please call the Public Works Office at (402) 786-2127. Please give several days notice so that barricades can be delivered to the site.

Block Party Request Form