Snow Removal

Snow removal on all city streets is done if two or more inches of snow falls. If less than two inches falls only the major streets are plowed and deiced along with some deicing of some minor streets. The city has a total of seven snow removal vehicles, and three are equipped with deicing equipment.    Major Street Snow Removal Map

  • Please try to move your vehicles off the streets if possible until the city has finished plowing your street. For more details on parking during a snow emergency, review 5-420 in Chapter 5 of Waverly’s Municipal Code.
  • It is Illegal to push or to blow snow from your driveway/sidewalks onto the city streets or onto public locations.
  • Some of the snow from the street will be pushed into your driveway approach as snow from streets is pushed from the center to the curbs.
  • Waverly has 60 lane miles of streets.  Ex. (plowing a one lane road for 60 miles.)
  • As a homeowner, you are required to clear the sidewalk around your property. For more details on this, please review 8-201 section B in Chapter 8 of Waverly’s Municipal Code.