One & Six year plans

2019 1 and 6 year street plan

The one year street plan consists of streets or storm sewer projects that are budgeted and construction is planned to proceed that year. Some plans on the one year plan are funded by private developers, such as new residential subdivisions and are not funded by the city. 

A public hearing for the 2019 One and Six year street plan was  held on February 26, 2019 during the regular bi-monthly city council meeting.  A copy of the plan can be obtained at the city office or email for a copy. Or click on the link above to open the map.

Six Year Street Plan

Six year street plans are longer term projects that are in the planning stages to be added to the one year plan at a later time. Depending on budget and funding, some projects maybe on the six-year plan for some time, due to financial limitations of the city.