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The Public Works Department maintains the Water and Waste Water systems, Streets, Storm sewers, Tree landfill site, and Rose Hill cemetery.    Click on the link below to view maps and information about the Water,Sewer, Streets, Parcels, and coming later, signs, easements, fire hydrants and additional information as it is loaded into the system.  

(NEW) Waverly Geographic Information System

Streets and Roads

The street and roads system maintains 60 lane miles or 30 center-line miles of streets within the city limits. Some of the maintenance items include snow removal and de-icing  Major Street Snow Removal Map, signs, traffic markings, street sweeping, right of way mowing, and street repairs. There are also twelve blocks of alleys within the city that are maintained by public works.        



The water system has around twenty-five miles of water mains, eight wells that provide all the water for the city, one 500,000-gallon water tower, and a new 500,000 gallon water tank.


Waste water

The waste water system also has around twenty-five miles of sewer mains, all of which gravity flow to the waste water treatment plant north of the the city. The current treatment plant can handle waste water flows up to a 10,000-person population equivalent.


Non-City Services

Electrical service along with the streetlights are owned and maintained by the Lincoln Electric System. To report a street light problem call LES Street Light number at…402-467-7676.

Natural Gas Service is owned and maintained by Black Hills Energy. Customer Service 888-890-5554  Emergency Assistance 800-694-8989

Telephone service is owned and maintained by Windstream Communications. Customer Service 800-347-1991

Cable TV service is owned and maintained by Charter/Spectrum Communications. Customer Service 855-757-7328

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Director of Public Works Tracey Whyman Email: