Geographic Information System

(GIS).  You can view a map of the City of Waverly, easily switch your view to the Water system pipes and valves, Sewer lines and manholes,  Streets data, Parcels and coming soon, signs, fire hydrants, easements, and additional data as it is loaded into the system. Click the link below to view the information about Waverly Assets. 

Once the APP opens, Click on the Layer list at the Right top of the App to open layers you want to view. 

Waverly NE Geographic Information System GIS Maps and Information


Lincoln/Lancaster County GIS Viewer  


Future Land Use Map

Waverly Official Zoning Map

Waverly Addresses Map

Future Land Use Map waverly official zoning - full size 34x44 - 6-9-11 Address Map 2010
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Maps may not be up to date