FEMA Floodplain Information

There are four tributaries of Salt Creek that pass through Waverly. These tributaries, the West Tributary, the Ash Hollow Tributary, the 148th Tributary, and the East Tributary, make the area prone to flooding. Currently the City is analyzing the factors involved with the construction of a Dry Dam for the Ash Hollow Tributary. To see what the City of Waverly plans to do about the flooding, please visit the Watershed Master Plan.

FEMA updates their floodplain maps every few years. To check whether or not you are located in a floodplain, you can contact the city at (402) 786-2312 or visit FEMA’s Map Service Center for up-to-date floodplain maps .


Geographic Information System

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a valuable tool. You can view a map, or easily switch your view to floodplain, land use, soils, or zoning. Waverly doesn’t currently have it’s own GIS, but near by Lincoln has a GIS for Lancaster county.

Lincoln/Lancaster County GIS Viewer

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Letter of Map Revision for the flood plan.

Floodplain Addresses

Water Basins

FEMA Firm Map
floodplain - addresses map executive summary fema-firm 2-18-2011
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