Waverly Community Organizations

Community Organizations

Waverly Chamber of Commerce

Meets first Wednesday of each

Camp Creek Antique Machinery Threshers

Meets the first Friday of each month.
Contact – Hobie Boswell
(402) 786-3003

Waverly Grange

Meets every other month.
Contact – Ted Doane
(402) 786-3555

Waverly Jaycees  Meets the second Tuesday of each month.
Contact – Lea Alderman
(402) 802-5996
 Waverly Lions Club  Meets the third Friday of each month.
Contact – Carl Humphrey
(402) 440-2323
Waverly Greater Area Foundation Meets every other month.
Contact – Bruce Sedivy
(402) 432-7338
Waverly Library Board Meets the third Thursday of each month.
Contact – Bruce Sedivy
Waverly VFW Meets the second Wednesday of each month.
Contact – Jeff Ethridge
(402) 786-0207
Waverly Area Kiwanis Meets Saturday mornings.
Contact – Don Bley
(402) 786-2489
Waverly Community Foundation Meets the third Monday of each Month
Contact – Rick Winters
(402) 440-0205
Waverly Cub/Boy Scouts Meets Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm
Waverly Methodist Church
Contact – David Trail
Waverly Dare to Share Foundation Contact – Tom French
(402) 786-2527
4-H/Extension Club www.lancaster.unl.edu
(402) 441-7180

Waverly Brownies/Girl Scouts

Meets on Thursdays
Contact – Krista Prebble
(402) 786-0445