Mayor: Mike Werner

Mike Werner was elected as Mayor of the City of Waverly in November of 2008 following Ron Melbye.


Major Roles of the Mayor

The Mayor represents the Executive Branch. As Mayor, Werner ensures the law is upheld and that the city follows these laws. The City Attorney, Administration, and the Mayor all work together to ensure city policies are followed. Staying well connected with the City Attorney and administration helps keep the Mayor well coordinated.

The Mayor’s Vision for Waverly

“We want Waverly to grow in an organized, quality controlled fashion.”

Mayor Werner’s Goals

Now: The Mayor believes that as a community we need to finish the Railroad Quiet Zone. He predicts that the noise level should be down by the end of 2013.

Short-Term: The Nebraska Department of Roads wants to re-asphalt Highway 6 and add new striping lanes. They plan to add more right hand turning lanes.

Mid-Term: They Mayor would like to continue housing expansion. “We need a wider variety of houses, including more apartment style building,” says Mayor Werner. He also believes that Waverly needs to find a better way of advertising the activities taking place in Waverly. Currently the city uses the Internet and newspaper. “Perhaps an electronic sign would help get the word out,” suggests Mayor Werner.

Mayor Werner believes that one reason people move to Waverly is the School District. He believes the school system is one of a kind, and that it will only continue to grow from here on out.