2018 Street Projects: Amberly Road, Folkestone Street, N 143rd Street

Amberly Road– items remaining include installing street lights, and seeding.

N 143rd Street  and  Bradford Court- paving is complete.

Folkestone Street- items remaining include sod and some joint filling.

N 130th and Highway 6– new street lights are installed at the intersection and we are waiting on four more poles to be installed.

Amberly Road and Highway 6- The NDOT along with the City of Waverly are currently engineering the intersection for a traffic light/Stop light. The installation is planned for 2019.

N 134th Guardrail– A new guardrail over the Ash Hollow Creek box culvert, just south of the intersection of  134th and Canongate Road  is completed. The new one replaces the existing one which had deteriorated.