UPDATES!! 2018 Street Closure: Amberly Road, Folkestone Street, N 143rd Street




Amberly Road  IS NOW  OPEN

Some construction activities will be taking place on the shoulder areas, such as sidewalks, back filling, and street lights, however Amberly Road will be open to traffic.


Folkestone Street:   FOLKESTONE STREET  IS CLOSED FROM N 145th Street to N 148th Street.  The East section from the crosswalk to N 148th street is torn out as of  Tuesday July 10, 2018. On Thursday July 26th, curb placement was completed on Phase 1, and on August 2nd the entire street was paved from the crosswalk to a block east.

Property owners have been notified with a letter to each residence.  The East half will be constructed first, from the crosswalk east to N 148th Street.  Those residents will be either parking on Oak Lane or on the west half that will remain open to the local residents on Folkestone. Parking will be restricted on the west half to one side to accommodate local resident access, garbage service, and emergency services if needed.   We ask that no one parks on the North side with parking ONLY on the South side of Folkestone, to allow better access.  The intersection of N 145th and Folkestone will remain open as the sidewalk ramps are the only construction in this area. Garbage service has been arranged with the help of a City volunteer taking the totes to the ends of the street in the evening, and Boy Scouts and City staff returning them the next morning.  Mail service will not be delivered due to US Postal regulations in a construction zone, however the post office has arranged PO boxes temporarily for those affected.

N 143rd Street:  ADA curb ramps are complete, with the exception of the south side of Folkestone and N 143rd. Asphalt paving is scheduled to begin in late August.

N 130th and Highway 6– new street lights are being installed at the intersection and soon will be installed.

Amberly Road and Highway 6- The NDOT along with the City of Waverly are currently engineering the intersection for a traffic light/Stop light. The installation is planned for 2019.

Heywood ADA Ramps- ADA ramps are now finished at N 144th, N 145th and N 146th and Heywood.

Bluff Road Gas Main– Northern Natural Gas and Black Hills Energy are installing a new natural gas main along Bluff Road to feed the gas distribution center at N 148th Street and Bluff Road. Construction is planned for around three weeks.  The project is replacing an old gas main which will be removed, the project is being paid for by Northern Natural Gas.


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